24 March, 2017
Graham Hunt 26 Years Service

Long service – Graham Hunt


It is quite something to work for a company that has been established for nearly 30 years but when you can say you have been with them for 26 of those years, that really is something special and that is why we wanted to share with you Graham Hunts experiences as the longest serving member of staff so you too can see from the eyes of an employee how things of changed and developed.  


Starting in February 1991 – the year after the birth of the World Wide Web, Graham Hunt Joined as the in-house test engineer which as his title describes meant he would test the Uninterruptible power supplies units along with building battery cubicles and manual bypass switches all of which has stood Graham in good stead for future development within the Constant Power Services business.


The offices then were located in Hitchin at the old Cam centre and in those days, a healthy team of 6 made up the workforce.  2 owners, 1 salesperson, 1 in accounts and a senior engineer, a small but committed team that were the beginning of something great.  To this day, we still have one of the founding member’s family working at Constant Power services and we have grown to over 45 staff.


During his 26 years, Graham progressed and was promoted in too many roles, Commissioning engineer, Service Engineer, Senior Engineer, Service Manager, finally arriving at the Services Sales Manager position he is at today.  He puts his longevity with the company down to the ability and possibility to evolve and progress within the company. 


“Kevin Wilson (Managing Director) has always been very supportive in any training I wanted to carry out, Management training courses, HR and Sales to name a few”.


“I have also been extremely privileged to have worked across the globe from Bermuda to the Cayman Islands “tough job but someone had to do it”.  Geneva and Paris, Portugal, Spain, Italy to name but a few.


Then and Now.

When asked, what things have changed Graham said:

“The duplication of documents or files that we used to have has now been reduced and the antiquated paper trail is reduced significantly.   With the introduction of ISO 9001 and 14001 our processes are clear and defined with all necessary forms kept centrally”. 


“Back in the beginning when I was monitoring the call out and pager response it was only myself and one other Engineer available. Now we have the call out pager managed by 3 engineers and a team of 13 engineers in the field.

As a small company, you were available all the time such is the commitment of the staff here at Constant Power Services, everyone pulls their weight, if you needed to get a spare to a client you would do it even if it meant personally delivering it”.


“We have in the last 10 years seen a change in the Management Structure and for me I am pleased with the way things have progressed and evolved including how I have developed and progressed within the company.   Kevin Wilson (UK Director) has been incredibly supportive and this has been key to me staying so long as the company has assisted with my learning journey”


What changes have you seen in the industry?

“The industry and technology has changed over time.  We no longer deal with 6 pulse rectifiers and we see such incentives and directives from the government that we are switching from transformer based UPS to greener more efficient technology.   The UPS are looking more like a server rack and have definitely evolved over time and with the possibilities of remote monitoring and integration in to companies BMS systems having a UPS is part of most companies plans”.


What makes you stay?

“The beauty of this job is that I cannot tell you who I am going to see in a fortnights time and it is brilliant.  Being able to see a variety of customers and industries is great.  Last week Cornwall this week London”.


“We have to offer clients our best cost effective solution and honestly sell them what we can support.  Having been on the tools for so long it is important to sell a service that we can deliver and honour and this is something that I am passionate about”.


Where do you see Constant Power services in the future?

“I would like to see us as the Industry Market leaders.  A UPS service and sales company, bringing an excellent product to the market place combined with a fantastic aftersales support.  We are a subsidiary of Riello bringing added benefits and support to an already brilliant name”.