17 May, 2021
Riello UPS Adopts SECO’s Clea AI For New Generation Of Riello Connect
New partnership will deliver connected and innovative digital monitoring services for uninterruptible power supplies.

Riello UPS and SECO SpA, a centre of excellence in technological innovation and IoT solutions, sign collaboration agreement to develop a new generation of UPS monitoring.

The link-up is based on Clea, SECO’s integrated suite of artificial intelligence services, which collects and processes real-time data.

The Clea platform will be implemented on Riello UPS’s uninterruptible power supplies, which when connected to the platform will allow a new generation of digital services aimed at delivering enhanced monitoring, optimised efficiency, and reducing the risk of equipment downtime.

The new and improved Riello Connect system developed using Clea makes it possible to monitor the UPS either over wired ethernet network or via GSM.

Any change in UPS status or alarms will automatically trigger an alert to the user either by email or through push notification. Real-time and historical operating data will also be available either through a dedicated mobile app or modern web interface.

By conducting predictive analysis using the Riello Connect service, users will be able to identify when to carry out maintenance on their UPS, minimising downtime and increasing performance efficiency.


"Riello UPS will provide a new generation of highly innovative digital services for its UPS through Riello Connect, a service accessible to both business and private users.


"We are excited to work together with a technological partner such as SECO, a leader in the IoT and Artificial Intelligence sectors, technologies that are becoming a tangible added value for any company that wants to recognize itself for technological innovation."

- Massimo Zampieri, Product Manager of Riello UPS


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Riello UPS adopts Clea for its new generation of Digital Services

Riello Connect: New UPS solutions connected thanks to SECO Mind's integrated suite of Artificial Intelligence services.