17 March, 2022
Case Study: Multi Power Protects New £70 Million Office Complex
Modular UPS proves perfect choice for Merchant Square redevelopment in Belfast. Its combination of reliability, scalability, and efficiency in a compact footprint make the Multi Power the ideal solution for a ground-breaking new office redevelopment.


The Merchant Square project combines two buildings next to Belfast City Hall to create 240,000 sq ft of mixed-use accommodation, including 225,000 sq ft of office space over nine floors.

It also incorporates restaurants, a nail bar, and space for an onsite GP and physiotherapists, as well as six smart lifts and an eye-catching open staircase linking the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors.

Environmental considerations played a huge part in the construction, which is the first privately-built commercial building of its kind in Northern Ireland to achieve BREEAM UK “Excellent” status.


Proven Power Protection

With the entire complex reliant on critical IT infrastructure and equipment, a reliable UPS system was a key part of the final electrical fit-out.

Michael Nugent Ltd, one of Northern Ireland’s leading mechanical electrical services providers, won the contract for the Merchant Square job. They called upon Riello UPS authorised reseller Ashdale Engineering Ltd to specify the optimum UPS for the site.

The project specification called for a modular UPS, which would guarantee N+1 redundancy as well as provide scope for future expansion.


Making The Move To Multi Power

With space at a premium, the Multi Power’s compact (MPX) cabinet and 25 kW modules proved the winning choice.

The overall solution in the complex’s main comms room totalled 120 kVA plus 30 minutes battery backup. It was split into two separate systems to ensure redundancy in the event of any failure.

The first of the systems comprised three 25 kW modules to deliver 40 kVA plus spare capacity, along with a standalone battery cabinet housing 20 blocks.

UPS system two had the maximum five 25 kW power modules to provide 80 kVA with spare capacity. It was partnered by a pair of battery cabinets holding 40 blocks each.


“Having installed and commissioned Multi Power in several other key sites including hospitals, data centres, and broadcasting facilities, we were very assured of the product’s reliability and suitability for this particular application.


“The compact cabinet with 25 kW modules allowed us to provide a perfect solution at a competitive price in a small footprint.”


- Colin Simms, Operations Director for Ashdale Engineering Ltd


Global professional services organisation PwC has agreed to become sole tenants of the new Merchant Square offices on a long-term lease until 2040. It is believed to be Belfast’s biggest-ever private sector office letting deal. 

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Case Study

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Merchant Square Case Study