• Flexibility 
  • Reliability 
  • Mission-critical performance 


  • Railway networks and stations 
  • Airports 
  • Marinas and ports 
  • Toll gates 


Munich airport
Hamburg railway station

Underground railway line C Rome
Underground railway Turin
Barajas Madrid Airport
High Speed Train A.V.E.
CDG airport Paris
Underground railway Paris
South Africa
Johannesburgh International Airport
United Arab Emirates
Dubai underground railway
Etihad Airway
Peking airport
Nanjing underground railway
Delhi underground railway

Uninterruptible power supplies play a vital role in ensuring our essential transport infrastructure doesn’t come grinding to a halt.  

Railway UPS keep the train networks and underground subways rolling. Airports rely on continuous power to run vital satellite systems, security scanners, and passenger terminals. Our jam-packed roads and ports are just as reliant. 

Riello UPS has partnered on countless regional, national, and international transport projects, with our power supplies backing up the infrastructure that every day helps thousands of people commute to work or travel to their dream holiday destination. 

We understand that operational continuity is key, which is why our transport infrastructure solutions are produced with the highest possible levels of availability and resilience in mind. 


Installation flexibility 

Whether it’s a railway station, an airport, or a motorway toll gate, no two transportation projects are quite the same. Each initiative will have its own specifications and standards. 

Riello UPS’s award-winning range of power supplies for the transportation sector are adaptable to a variety of power sources (i.e. single-phase or three-phase, with or without a neutral connection).  

They are also compatible with all standard monitoring and network communications protocols (Modbus, Bacnet, SNMP, HTTP). 



UPS systems for transport projects must meet stringent safety and mechanical standards. Riello UPS offers bespoke solutions tailored to the specific standards and operating environments, whether that be the use of air filters, isolated electrical connectors, or special wiring. 

Our products are made using components designed to perform in harsh environments. This ensures our UPS have unparalleled structural rigidity, are fully protected against vibration, and offer IP protection rating above 21. 



Our range of transportation UPS incorporates both transformer-based and transformerless systems. They are fully parallelable to increase either power or redundancy as required, and able to handle a broad range of environmental conditions (i.e. temperatures, different types of load, unstable mains supply).