Sentryum Range
  • Sentryum Active
  • Sentryum display
  • Sentryum Xtend
  • Sentryum Compact
Power Range: 10 - 40 kVA
3:3 1-3:1


  • Choice of 3 cabinet sizes (Compact, Active, Xtend) to maximise battery runtime 
  • 96.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • High overload and short circuit capacity guarantees availability 
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy 
  • Large touchscreen display and LED status indicator 


Sentryum is our latest transformerless ONLINE UPS designed to maximise availability, efficiency and performance in small data centres and similar mission-critical applications. Delivers 96.5% efficiency and unity power factor to minimise losses.  

Choose from 3 cabinet sizes to optimise your floorspace and maximise battery runtime: Compact (CPT) – 1 battery string in 0.25m2 footprint; Active (ACT) – 2 battery strings in 0.35m2 footprint; or Xtend (XTD) – 3 battery strings in 0.4m2 footprint.  

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Sentryum is Riello UPS’s third generation of transformerless ONLINE UPS. Delivering outstanding performance and up to 96.5% efficiency in a compact footprint, it’s a proven solution for smaller data centres and similar applications.

Now available in 10-15-20-30-40 kVA models, choose from 3 different cabinet sizes to maximise your battery autonomy and make the most of your valuable floor space.

Designed to handle capacitive loads like blade servers without any reduction in active power.


Fantastic Flexibility

Sentryum offers you a choice of power ranges and cabinet sizes, making this versatile series suitable for several mission-critical environments. Select from 3 frames to suit your space and battery requirements:


Compact (CPT):

  • 70 cm x 28 cm x 84 cm (H x W x D)
  • 0.25m² footprint
  • 1 internal battery string - space for 40 blocks
  • Available for 10-15-20 kVA versions only; not available for 30-40 kVA versions


Active (ACT):

  • 102.5 cm x 38 cm x 85 cm (H x W x D)
  • 0.35m² footprint
  • 1-2 internal battery strings - space for 2x40 blocks
  • Available for all versions


Xtend (XTD):

  • 132 cm x 44 cm x 84 cm (H x W x D)
  • 0.25m² footprint
  • 3 internal battery strings - space for 3x40 blocks
  • Optional isolation transformers
  • Available for all versions


Available as 1-phase/3-phase input, 1-phase output or 3-phase input and output.


Reliable And Efficient

Our transformerless UPS delivers unity power (pf 1) and operating efficiency of up to 96.5%, which helps you minimise wasted energy. It features a unique control system that reduces harmonic voltage distortion (<1% at resistive load and < 1.5% at non-linear load).

The Sentryum can also handle high overloads (125% for 10 minutes or 150% for 1 minute) and short circuits (270% for 200ms or 150% for 300ms), meaning you won’t have to transfer to bypass to deal with sudden peak loads.


Scalable Power

Easily increase your power or battery autonomy by installing up to 8 Sentryum UPS in parallel (3-phase version).

Parallel installations operate on a closed-loop system, so your UPS will keep running even if there’s an issue or disruption with your cable connection.


Enhanced Performance

Sentryum builds on previous Riello UPS transformerless series such as the Multi Sentry (MST), with an optimised card layout that reduces the number of components, cables, and interconnections.

This reduces the amount of installation space your UPS will need and makes it far easier and more cost-effective to maintain.


Power At Your Fingertips

Take control with a 5-inch colour touchscreen display panel which clearly shows real-time information and allows you to easily adjust the operating mode.

Also features an innovative new LED status indicator which automatically changes colour depending on the current operating mode and UPS status. In-built wheels enable easy manoeuvrability.

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10 - 40 kVA

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