NextEnergy 250-600 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy NXE 250 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy NXE 300 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy NXE 400 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy NXE 500 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy NXE 600 kVA/kW
  • NextEnergy display
  • NextEnergy NXE 800 kVA/kW
Power Range: 250 - 800 kVA


  • 97% operating efficiency (ON LINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • ACTIVE ECO reduces power consumption whilst avoiding power factor correction 
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy 
  • Efficiency Control Mode optimises efficiency in parallel installations 
  • Front to top ventilation enables space-saving back-to-back install 


NextEnergy (NXE) is a super-efficient, transformer-free UPS designed to meet the power requirements of today and tomorrow. It minimises your energy consumption and CO² emissions while optimising your operating costs. 

Can operate with or without a neutral connection. Front to top ventilation eliminates rear clearance, enabling back-to-back installation. Top or bottom cable entry. Large, user-friendly LCD touchscreen display and control panel. 

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The NextEnergy (NXE) is Riello UPS’s most efficient UPS, delivering exceptional reliability while reducing your power consumption and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Available in 250-300-400-500-600-800 kVA power ratings, it’s perfect for protecting non-linear loads in data centres, communications networks, and other critical industrial settings.

Its advanced transformer-free technology guarantees best in class performance, such as unity power factor and up to 97% efficiency.

Special features such as ACTIVE ECO operating mode and Efficiency Control System offer even greater energy savings, as does a smart cooling system where the fan speed adjusts according to the applied load.


Super-Efficient At All Load Levels

Delivering unity power (pf 1), the NXE offers TÜV-certified operational efficiency of up to 97% in online UPS mode, which reduces your power consumption and energy waste.

In parallel installations, the UPS’s intuitive Efficiency Control System (ECS) ensures optimum performance whatever the load. At lower loads, the ECS puts some UPS into a “freeze” mode and shares the workload out between the rest of the units, ensuring they run at a higher efficiency.


Extra Energy Savings With ACTIVE ECO Mode

NextEnergy offers a variety of operating modes. One of these, ACTIVE ECO delivers enhanced efficiency of up to 98.5% by powering the load from the bypass line.

But because the inverter is switched on and runs alongside (unlike standard ECO modes), it still absorbs any harmonics on the mains supply, avoiding the need for any power factor correction.


Flexible, Scalable Power

The availability of 6 different power ranges means that 1 size doesn’t need to fit all – the NXE is suitable for a wide variety of critical applications.

Quickly and easily scale up your power by paralleling up to 8 UPS together for increased capacity or autonomy. Hot System Expansion (HSE) ensures you can add extra units to your UPS system without the need to power down or switch to bypass.


Space Saving, Easy Installation

With front to top ventilation and full front access for maintenance, there’s no need for any rear clearance. This empowers you to install the NXE right against the wall, side by side, in the corner, or even back-to-back to optimise your valuable floor space.

The NXE also offers top or bottom cable entry (300 kVA and 400 kVA versions), so you won’t need to buy any expensive or bulky accessory cabinets.

While it operates with or without a neutral connection too, reducing install costs in systems that don’t need the neutral line.


Peak Shaving

NextEnergy is ideal for sites with reduced power or that use generator sets, with its peak shaving function able to provide the additional power from its batteries.

NXE offers a choice of 3 peak shaving modes:

  • Static: input power is programmed and set at commissioning
  • User remote control: user can reduce the input power using intuitive commands
  • Dynamic: peak shaving works automatically depending on the real-time site conditions

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250-800 kVA

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