The Riello Elettronica Group
We Transform The Energy, Continuously

Our roots in our history

Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica is part of the wider Riello Industries group. Originally a manufacturer of power switching supplies for IT, the Group evolved into uninterruptible power supplies.

It took on its present structure, becoming the parent company for the rest of the Group’s businesses, in 1995, and is now in the top four manufacturers of UPS in the world.

Whilst Riello Elettronica operates with the strength of a single global strategy, each local subsidiary is given the autonomy and flexibility to adapt to the needs of their own individual markets and customer bases.

Through its network of subsidiaries, Riello Elettronica is represented in more than 85 countries throughout the world and employs more than 1,000 staff.


Constant Power Services Ltd

Since the late 80’s Constant Power Services Ltd has excelled in providing support to businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies, installation, and aftercare.
We appreciate the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understand that it can all change in a second, which is why we are the best support for you.

Constant Power Services offer a range of products from smaller 700va Uninterruptible Power Supplies to 6.4mva systems, containerised 252kw units for hire or purchase, generators and switchgear. Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your requirements. Working with our customers requires great communication, respect, and ownership of a task, a solution, or in some cases a problem to fix.

This is something Constant Power Services prides itself on and that is why Support is integral to our business and communication, respect and ownership form our internal values, as they come so naturally to us. Some of our clients have been with us for over 16 years. If you are looking for an uninterruptable power supply for a new building, inherited a UPS from a new acquisition or simply wanting to upgrade to a new system so that you can get the service and support you require, Constant Power Services is the just do certainty company for you.