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  • Master HP 300-400
Power Range: 100 - 600 kVA


  • 95.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • Parallel up to 8 (distributed) or 7 (centralised) for extra capacity or redundancy 
  • Efficiency Control System optimises efficiency in parallel installations 
  • Automatically selects most efficient operating mode based on mains quality 
  • Ensures galvanic isolation 


Master HP (MHT) is a three-phase UPS designed to back up data centres and other mission-critical settings such as industrial environments, telecommunications networks, and sensitive electro-medical devices.  

Intuitive technology chooses the most efficient operating mode based on the quality of the input supply. Install in parallel for extra capacity, with Hot System Expansion enabling units to be added without transferring the UPS to bypass.  

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Master HP combines maximum power availability with high efficiency in critical applications including data centres and industrial environments.

Choose from 9 power ratings (100-120-160-200-250-300-400-500-600 kVA), while it’s easy and efficient to scale up power in distributed or centralised parallel installations.

Incorporates an output isolation transformer that ensures complete galvanic isolation between the load and the DC battery power source. Smart Grid-ready solution able to communicate with the wider electricity network.


Scalable Solution

MHT offers the scope for multi-megawatt installations by enabling systems of up to 8 (distributed parallel) or 7 (centralised parallel) UPS.

Add UPS into an existing system without having to transfer to bypass (Hot System Expansion), while our intuitive Efficiency Control System guarantees optimum performance even at lower loads. This switches off some units and shares the load between the rest so they operate at higher overall efficiency.   


Advanced Battery Care

Step-Up/Step-Down converters reduce the amount of ripple current. Other features designed to lengthen battery lifespan include deep discharge protection, voltage compensation depending on ambient temperature, and a variety of recharging methods.


Minimal Energy Waste

Master HP delivers high efficiency of up to 95.5% in ONLINE mode, comparable to many transformer-free solutions.

In addition, Smart Active functionality automatically chooses the most efficient operating mode depending on the quality of the mains input.


Centralised Bypass Cabinet

A separate static bypass cabinet (MSB) is available for centralised parallel systems of up to 7 UPS. The bypass comes in a choice of 4 power ratings (800-1200-2000-3000 kVA).

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Master HP

100-600 kVA

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