Sentryum Rack module
  • Sentryum Rack Cabinet
Power Range: 20 - 160 kVA
1-3:3 1-3:1


  • Designed for industrial applications and harsh environmental conditions
  • 96.3% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • High overload and short circuit capacity guarantees availability 
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Available as standalone rackmount solution or modular UPS


Sentryum Rack is a transformerless online UPS designed specifically for critical industrial applications and other settings prone to harsh environmental conditions (i.e. dust, humidity, chemical particles).

Available as a standalone rackmount UPS or a modular solution with a capacity for up to 160 kVA in a parallel system. Delivers 96.3% efficiency and unity power factor to minimise energy losses. 

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Sentryum Rack is developed from Riello UPS’s third-generation Sentryum series of transformerless uninterruptible power supplies.

It is specifically designed to ensure power continuity in critical settings susceptible to harsh environmental conditions or tough industrial processes, such as manufacturing plants, factories, and utilities.

The range delivers a combination of performance, reliability, scalability, and high efficiency in a compact footprint. It is available in both single-phase (SRM) or three-phase (SRT) output versions.

Sentryum Rack comes as either a 20 kVA standalone UPS compatible with any standard 19-inch server rack or as a modular version with a cabinet that holds up to 3 x 20 kVA modules. Paralleling cabinets together allows for the creation of a robust UPS system with a maximum power capacity of 160 kVA. 


Quality Power

With each 20 kVA power module, the communication signal connections are completely isolated from the power connections (input, output, batteries). This eliminates any potential interference from the grid supply network, which can be a common issue in many industrial environments.


Proven Technologies

The Sentryum Rack’s three-level IGBT inverter and other advanced technologies adapted from the popular Sentryum range ensure unity power factor (pf1 kVA = kW) and up to 96.3% efficiency in maximum protection online UPS mode.

The UPS features a unique control system that provides filtering and power factor correction upstream of the UPS, reducing harmonic distortion (<1% at resistive load and < 1.5% at non-linear load).

In addition, it has the capacity to handle high short circuits (i.e. 150% for 300 msec) and overloads (i.e. 150% for 1 minute), ensuring the UPS can deal with sudden peak loads without the need to transfer to bypass. 


Flexible Friend

Available in 1-phase and 3-phase output versions. Sentryum Rack is also compatible with alternatives to the standard VRLA batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries or supercapacitors.

Modular cabinet version offers simple scalability – “pay as you grow” by adding extra modules or even cabinets in parallel as and when your circumstances require.

Each module is hot-swappable, guaranteeing downtime-free maintenance and replacement.


User-Friendly Solution

Simple plug and play installation without any special configuration prior to powering the system up. Standalone version features Harting connectors and 3 metre long electrical cables to suit any enclosure, while the cabinet model includes Harting connectors and cables as standard, ensuring simple and safe insertion or removal.

Each module has front to back airflow and incorporates smart ventilation that automatically adjusts the speed of the fans depending on the current load and ambient temperature.

Sentryum Rack comes with ‘Cold Start’ functionality that enables the UPS to start from battery power if there’s an issue with the mains supply.


Control At Your Fingertips

Large touchscreen colour display shows real-time data such as operating statuses, alarms, and key measurements such as voltage and battery levels. Each module also features an LED status indicator that changes colour according to the current UPS operating mode and condition. 

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Sentryum Rack

20-160 kVA/kW

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