Preventative Maintenance & 24-7 Emergency Call-Out

Guaranteed response time to site up to 4 clock hours as standard across the UK and Eire.
Uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems have consumable parts that will age with use. At some time during the period of its life a power protection device will alarm due to a service issue - the batteries may need replacing, the fans may have failed or the system developed a component fault.
Any of these circumstances will result in the product not being able to provide battery run time when the mains fails or protection from mains related power problems such as spikes and electrical noise, sags and surges.
The more you rely on your power system the more you need it maintained. For a maintenance quotation for Constant Power Services UPS please contact our service sales team.


Maintenance Agreements

A UPS maintenance agreement provides a guaranteed time response rather than best endeavours. Maintenance agreement customers have priority call on service resources. Constant Power Services Ltd maintenance agreements are made of three components:

  • Response time – 4 or 24 working hour response
  • Parts – Inclusive or Exclusive
  • Labour - Inclusive or Exclusive

Maintenance agreements can be taken out for in-warranty and outside warranty systems, and for both Constant Power Services Ltd and Riello supplied UPS. There are many features to each maintenance agreement. These are summarised below as:

  • Preventative Maintenance visits
  • Technical support hotline - working day and 24-7 365
  • CPSWatch UPS remote monitoring with periodic site report
  • Emergency call out response
  • On-site repair
  • Fully Inclusive parts and labour (excluding consumables)
  • Planned battery replacement
  • Pro rata battery replacement
  • Battery discharge testing
  • Load bank testing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Data collection - mains, power usage, load sizing and harmonics

Some of these are included as standard and some are optional.

For more details please telephone or email our service team.