On-site Services
UPS Installation, Commissioning, Site Surveys & System Testing

The quality of work during installation is a major factor in the maintenance and reliability of your system.

Electrical Installation

Our UPS service team provides electrical installation work using qualified technicians to the IEE regulations, 17th edition. The work covers the provision of the necessary electrical supplies, cables, distribution boards and MCBs necessary to connect and power the UPS, generator and bypass. The service provides cable 'tails' for connection when the UPS are commissioned. It can be provided on a 24/7 basis, inside or outside normal working hours.
All work is subject to quotation following a site power survey. All electrical installations are certified to NICEIC standards.


Delivery, Offload, Position and Battery Build

UPS Delivery, offload, position and battery build is carried out by specialist movers and technicians and can be completed inside and outside working hours and is quoted per project.



A commissioning service is provided for all products - whether they are self connect 'plug-in' or devices that must be hardwired from the hardware terminals to the cable 'tails' provided on site. The service makes and checks any final connections, powers up the system and hands it over to the client or customer ready for action.



Constant Power Services Ltd provide a HealthCheck service for any UPS product supplied by Constant Power Services Ltd and Riello UPS systems to assess the UPS for inclusion on a maintenance agreement or simply to return it back to full operational health.


Thermal Imaging

'Hot spots' can alert to potential points of failure within any Electrical system. Thermal imaging can identify these within the UPS system, including batteries and provide the opportunity for corrective action.
For more details please telephone or email our service team.