• Eco-friendly, battery-free alternative to standard UPS systems 
  • Suitable for facilities prone to very short power interruptions 
  • Wide operating temperature (-30 °C to +45 °C) eliminates heating or cooling 
  • Long-term savings on battery monitoring, replacement, and recycling 
  • Reduced footprint and weight than traditional UPS systems 


Supercapacitors offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional battery-based UPS systems. Our high power density energy storage devices deliver autonomy in the range of seconds, so are ideal for sites prone to very short interruptions. 

Can operate in a far wider temperature range than standard UPS, reducing the need for heating or air conditioning. Compact footprint saves space. Offers long-term TCO savings on battery monitoring, replacement, recycling, and disposal. 

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SuperCaps are Riello UPS’s alternative to the standard battery-based standby power.

Supercapacitors have up to 100 times the power density of traditional valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, meaning they can release energy far quicker.

This makes supercapacitors an ideal solution for environments prone to short-term power interruptions, as their autonomy typically spans from 1 second to 1 minute. They provide ample backup, for instance, for a standby generator to start-up.


High Number Of Cycles

Riello UPS’s SuperCaps solutions feature a sophisticated control system that manages and optimises the charge/discharge cycles. A supercapacitor can have a million or more cycles, compared to around 300 for a typical lead-acid battery set.


Wide Operating Temperature Range

Supercapacitors can perform in both extremely hot and cold ambient temperatures (-30oC to +45oC) without the need for energy-intensive air conditioning or heating.


Long-Term Cost Savings

SuperCaps remain an emerging technology, so the upfront cost is high. However, with their long lifespans and high number of cycles, they offer longer-term savings when taking into account battery maintenance, monitoring, replacement, and removal costs.


Suitable For Several Solutions

Supercapacitors can take the place of batteries in various Riello UPS product ranges, including:

  • Sentinel Pro
  • Sentinel Tower
  • Multi Sentry
  • Master HP
  • NextEnergy

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SuperCaps UPS

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