Constant Power Services

Since the late 80’s Constant Power Services Ltd has excelled in providing support to businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies, installation, and aftercare. We appreciate the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understand that it can all change in a second, which is why we are the best support for you.

From 700VA through to 800kVA Uninterruptible power supplies, containerised 252kw units for hire or purchase, to generators and switchgear, our turnkey offers and solutions are tailored to your requirements.

Working with our customers requires great communication, respect, and ownership of a task, a solution, or in some cases a problem to fix. This is something Constant Power Services prides itself on and that is why Support is integral to our business and communication, respect and ownership form our internal values, as they come so naturally to us.

Some of our clients have been with us for over 16 years. If you are looking for an uninterruptable power supply for a new building, inherited a UPS from a new acquisition or simply wanting to upgrade to a new system so that you can get the service and support you require, Constant Power Services is the just do certainty company for you.


1989 to date......


Following another period of growth, Constant Power Services acquired a new office site in Letchworth, Herts, with an increased warehouse capacity. The new larger facility allows an increase in UK stock holding and offers a range of further support functions, including more training facilities. Also this year, we launched the new High Efficiency range of 100 - 600KVA UPS products, thereby securing even more prestige clients.  

The start of 2012 saw our successful Sirius P UPS range extended to include a 600kVA model.
Based on the previous years’ performance, Constant Power Services now has the luxury of being one of two UK based sole distributors of ELCOS Generator Solutions.

Our parent Riello UPS S.pA wins the "Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year 2012"

Constant Power Services actively started promoting ELCOS Diesel Generator solutions. ELCOS has access to several engine manufacturers including Volvo, Cummins, Perkins & Mitsubishi, which enables market leading product availability. This year proved the ELCOS/CPS partnership to be a successful combination with many sets installed throughout the UK as well as a 2.2MVA containerised solution in Germany complete with auto changeover facilities, bulk fuel tanks and a parallel N+1 'Sirius P' UPS system.

With the help of our parent, Riello S.p.A, and our partnership with ELCOS Generators, Constant Power Services instigate a 20' and 40' "Containerised Power Solution" providing quality, reliable and prolonged standby emergency power….easily transported….easily maintained.

Our Second CPD presentation ‘Static UPS Testing’ was certified and available to book, while our new Constant Power Services General Catalogue was developed and issued with PDF flipbook.

CPS took the opportunity to expand the business into the adjacent premises doubling both the office and warehouse facilities. This has enabled an increase in our UK stock holding as well as enhancing internal functions with the recruitment of several staff, including a full time test engineer providing pre-dispatch testing of all units. This year has also seen our Sirius P range expand to 300 and 400kVA.

The start of 2009 has seen several product developments with the introduction of our new high performance Sirius P range from 100 to 250kVA as well as a re-designed higher power version of our cost effective Power Dialog range from 5 to 10kVA. CPS has also launched a Central Battery System (CBS) range designed for emergency applications and compliant to key elements of EN50171.

With increasing stock and staff levels the company moved to larger premises in 2008. Warehouse space more than doubled and an open planned office enabled all internal functions to be operated on a single floor improving departmental communication. The new premises also has the added benefit of a dedicated room for customers that is now home to several of our UPS units providing the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations and training. This led CPS to development its own official CPD presentation entitled "Static UPS Principles and Selection Criteria". This year has also seen our Starlet M series developed to include 30 and 40kVA designs.

2007 has seen many product developments allowing our rack based Dialog Dual range to extend up to 10kVA, the new Hyperion range extended downwards to include 100, 125 and 160kVA models as well as the introduction of the new high performance Starlet M series.

During 2006, CPS became an integral part of an international manufacturing group enhancing access to a wider range of established transformer-less UPS designs with the option of active filtering and advanced communication facilities. CPS have also introduced the new highly competitive Hyperion range from 200 to 300kVA which incorporates a power factor corrected rectifier for low THDi and excellent performance.

Since the beginning of 2005, CPS has seen greater expansion into the ‘total power solution’ having installed a 900kVA Generator and switchgear, 700kVA generator complete with switchgear and cabling, plus a turnkey supply of 500kVA generator, 200kVA UPS and all associated switchboards for distribution and auto changeover.
This year has also seen CPS consolidate their position as a major UPS supplier to Hospital and Health Authorities throughout the UK working with specialised partners to fulfill the increasing need for secure isolated power systems in today’s NHS Hospitals.

In the early part of 2004 CPS launched the new website containing many more pages with improved content about our products and services. Improvements are now being made regularly ensuring that specs, news and products are kept up to date. This year also saw CPS successfully complete two significant combined UPS/Generator projects consisting of a 275kVA Genset with a 100kVA UPS module and a 400kVA Genset with
2 off 200kVA UPS modules. Due to the increasing workload throughout this year CPS invested in it’s staff by adding two new engineers to the service team, designating a permanent contracts engineer and employing an
in-house sales support engineer.

In 2003 CPS appointed an exclusive agent to represent business interests in Scotland.

During 1997, the company acquired the adjacent premises with a view to expanding the warehouse operation and storage capacity. This extra space also enabled CPS to bring CAD capabilities back in house. The extra test facilities now mean that customer witness testing could be carried out without disturbing normal test programs
and heat run requirements. This year also saw CPS secure it’s first combined UPS/Generator order.

In 1995 CPS invested in a new Italian manufacturing plant through R&D and shareholding. Early 1996 saw the introduction of the Planet UPS with an initial model range from 10kVA to 125kVA. The range proved to be extremely successful, a completely new design, researched and developed by CPS and our European partners. Minor facelifts and enhancements have enabled us to ensure these products stay at the forefront of technology with the extension of the range up to 500kVA.

The premises in Hitchin virtually doubled in size during 1990, to further benefit customers with an extended test area and training facilities.

Constant Power Services Ltd was originally formed in the late 1980’s to provide a reliable source of service support and engineering expertise in the field of uninterruptible power supplies and power conditioning.

The company initially commenced trading near Peterborough, but at the end of 1989 it acquired its own premises in Hitchin to ensure that stock levels and spares could be increased to support an expanding customer base.