Accreditations & Policies


Constant Power Services is accredited with the following: ‘ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 563529’ ISO 14001 certified by BSI under certificate EMS 563531’ ‘OHS 18001/45001 certified by BSI under certificate number OHS 563532’

Constant Power Services Ltd is a registered member of the Safe Contractor Association
View the safe contractor certificate

All our UPS equipment is manufactured to ISO9001 (2000) and ISO14001 quality certifications covering all procedures and operating methods from product design to manufacture.

View our parent companies ISO9001 cert | View our parent companies ISO14001 cert

Constant Power Services Ltd are Environment Agency registered waste producers and carriers, and comply with all European WEEE and ROHS directives.

View our official Waste Carriers License and Associated Services page for more details.

CPS are a certified member of the Continuing Professional Development Service official presentation

View CPD membership certification 
View CPD certification for Static UPS Principles Selection Criteria
View CPD certification for Static UPS Testing

Also visit our CPD page for further details or to book a presentation.

Using our preferred Electrical Contractors enables Constant Power Services Ltd to provide associated cabling works to NICEIC regs. View our Associated_Services page for more details.

Constructionline - The common sense solution for both sides of the tender:

View the certificate Constructionline 2019

Company Policies
PL-QU-001 Quality Policy
PL-QU-002 Health & Safety Policy
PL-QU-003 Environmental Policy
PL-QU-004 Equal Opportunities Policy
PL-QU-009 Conditions of Sale

Company Insurance
Confirmation of Insurance

Credit Application Form
FM-AC-005  Credit application

Technical Specifications
UPS products from Constant Power Services Ltd comply to the following...

EN62040-1 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), General and safety requirements
EN62040-1-2 UPS General and safety requirements used in locations with restricted access
EN62040-3 Methods of specifying performance and test requirements
EN50091-2 and EN62040-2 Electromagnetic compatibility
EN50171 Central supply systems for Emergencies (CSS)

For further details or product specific specifications please contact us.