Battery Maintenance, Battery Testing and Replacement
UPS Battery Testing & Replacement

UPS batteries are chemical energy storage devices that deteriorate over time. They have a design life based on optimum site conditions and an expected number of charge-discharge cycles. A ten year design life battery will probably require replacement by year 7 however budgetary quotes are issued at 5 years or sooner depending on condition. Whilst many UPS and standby power systems automatically test their batteries, nothing beats a visual inspection and on-site testing.
As part of the preventative maintenance visits on-site discharge testing is carried out to assess and report on the actual performance of the battery set. This testing can be purchased as a one off service.
During a maintenance visit the entire battery set will be put through a five stage process to ensure optimum performance during a power failure. The five stage Battery Care process includes:
1. Visual: check for a variety of conditions dependent on battery type:
- VRLA batteries - check for distortion caused by plate/pole growth, leakage or corrosion. - NiCads - check for leakage and corrosion.
- Flooded cells - check for plate colour, sediment level, electrolyte level, leakage and corrosion.
2. Measurements: take DC float voltage measurements - string and individual cells.
3. Mechanical: clean all batteries, confirm the minimum torque on all connections, top up electrolytes where possible (not sealed lead acid batteries).
4. Electrical Tests: Discharge test on the total battery bank, usually with the site load with voltage and current recordings taken.
5. Environment Checks: check the suitability of the local environment in terms of ambient temperature and any noticeable humidity and other environmental matters.
Finally a site report is issued with recommendations for future system monitoring or battery replacement.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Constant Power Services can undertake replacement battery installations based on a "like for like" product or a load specific battery calculated to be more cost effective or to make better use of available floor space. In the present economic climate where lead price is very volatile this re-calculation and careful selection is even more important. Close working relationships with several battery suppliers enable competitive prices for virtually any battery block. Battery upgrades and replacements can utilise existing racks and cubicles or alternatively we can supply new. We ensure that all old batteries are removed from site and safely disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations.
Constant Power Services Ltd works with all the major battery manufacturers and can carry out battery replacements on third party UPS with external battery isolation.


Disposal of UPS Batteries

Constant Power Services Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency.
Please see our accreditation pages.


Load Bank Testing

Constant Power Services Ltd provides on-site load testing when a complete system inspection is required. Load bank testing is provided as an option to standard commissioning and maintenance procedures. Load bank testing helps to identify potential areas for concern under controlled test conditions. With this service a technician can quickly identify if the UPS is correctly connected and/or capable of supporting a critical load. Load bank testing can also be used as part of extensive battery testing.


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