Master HE 300-400
  • Master HE 800
Power Range: 100 - 800 kVA


  • 95.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • Ideal for systems powered by generators or MV/LV transformers 
  • Parallel up to 8 (distributed) or 7 (centralised) for extra capacity or redundancy 
  • Efficiency Control System optimises efficiency in parallel installations 
  • Ensures galvanic isolation  


Master HE (MHE) combines maximum protection with exceptional efficiency in mission-critical applications such as data centres, electro-medical devices, telecoms networks and security systems. Can operate with or without a neutral connection. 

Delivers high-quality unity power (kW = kVA). Incorporates output isolation transformer to ensure galvanic isolation. Hot System Expansion means you can add units for extra capacity or redundancy without  the UPS to transferring to bypass. 

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Offering high efficiency and maximum power availability, the Master HE series provides proven protection across a range of mission-critical environments.

Choose from 10 power ratings (100-120-160-200-250-300-400-500-600-800 kVA). Delivers unity power (kW = kVA) and exceptional operating efficiency of up to 95.5% in ONLINE mode.

Parallel multiple UPS together to increase capacity (8 units in parallel redundant N+1 or 7 units in a centralised system with


Complete Galvanic Isolation

Master HE incorporates an output isolation transformer as part of the inverter circuit, ensuring total galvanic isolation between the load and the DC battery power source.

Transformer sits within the UPS’s cabinet so doesn’t require any additional floor space.


Outstanding Efficiency

MHE delivers up to 95.5% operating efficiency in ONLINE mode, performance comparable with many transformerless UPS. It also offers high efficiency even when running at partial loads.


Easily And Efficiently Scale-Up Capacity

Hot System Expansion (HSE) allows you to add UPS into an existing system without the need to transfer to bypass or interrupt your critical protection, while our intuitive Efficiency Control System (ECS) ensures optimum performance in parallel installations.

Depending on the load, the ECS places some UPS into standby mode, sharing the work between the remainder, which run at a higher efficiency all while guaranteeing N+1 redundancy at all times.


Enhanced Battery Care

Master HE incorporates several features designed to prolong battery life, including deep discharge protection and voltage compensation. Step-Up/Step-Down converter reduces ripple current.


Centralised Bypass Cabinet

Centralised parallel systems of up to 7 UPS incorporate a centralised static bypass cabinet (MSB) available in 4 power ratings (800-1200-2000-3000 kVA). 

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Master HE

100-800 kVA

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