Power Range: 800 - 3000 kVA

The Master Static Bypass is an online uninterruptible power supply with a built-in centralised static bypass to ensure power continuity in larger power systems typically found in environments such as data centres.

Available in 4 power ratings (800 kVA, 1200 kVA, 2000 kVA, and 3000 kVA), it is designed for use with systems where several UPSs are operating in parallel.
It is the ideal solution to eliminate issues linked with power distribution over bypass lines.  

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Master Static Bypass

800-3000 kVA

Technical specifications of the model

An obvious choice for medium to large data centres, the Master Static Bypass is a UPS system incorporating centralised static bypass components. 

With a power range of 800-3000 kVA (Power ratings: 800 kVA, 1200 kVA, 2000 kVA, and 3000 kVA), it is designed to ensure power continuity for systems which run several UPSs in parallel. For such large-scale power systems, a centralised bypass structure can offer several advantages compared to the decentralised alternative, such as a reduced number of bypass components, less wiring and cabling, more compact footprint, and enhanced resilience. 

The Master Static Bypass integrates with up to 7 Master HP units, while depending on the specific installation, it is also compatible with Riello UPS’s Master MPS range too. 

The 800 kVA version comes with a cabinet including bypass line input switch, system output switch, and manual bypass. As standard, the 1200 kVA model is supplied without any switches, but can be equipped with the same ones, suitably proportioned, where necessary. 

The two more powerful models, 2000 kVA and 3000 kVA, are also supplied without any switches, as such sizes would benefit from more tailor-made solutions depending on the actual system requirements.

  • Suitable for medium to high-power systems greater than 1 MVA with several UPS operating in parallel
  • Integrates with up to 7 Master HP UPS
  • Also compatible with Master MPS series
  • Centralised diagnostics and informative display panel