27 June, 2023
Sentryum Expands With New 60-120 kVA Models
Our transformerless UPS range now offers even greater power availability thanks to several new models.

Riello UPS is pleased to announce the expansion of the Sentryum range with the introduction of new 60, 80, 100 and 120 kVA models.

Featuring three-phase input and output, unity rated power factor, and online double-conversion technology, the expanded range is designed and manufactured with latest generation technologies and components that ensure maximum protection for critical loads whilst optimising energy efficiency.

Sentryum is the ideal solution for installations where the availability of power from the electricity grid is limited. Thanks to its sophisticated control system, the UPS allows the output harmonic voltage distortion to be reduced to values below 1% with linear resistive loads and below 1.5% with non-linear loads.

The distributed parallel configuration allows you to connect up to 8 units for a redundant (N+1) or capacity parallel system, offering exceptional expandability. Thanks to its closed loop system, the UPS continue to operate in parallel even if the connection cable is interrupted.

Sentryum models have been subjected to seismic tests certified by accredited External Laboratories, guaranteeing their compatibility with systems that require seismic compliance in accordance with ICC ES AC156 (2020).

All models are also equipped with the Smart Battery Management system, which offers a series of functions for managing and optimising the batteries to ensure optimal performance and extend their operational life.

Sentryum is equipped with a colour touch screen display that allows you to easily and quickly view all information about the UPS.

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Riello UPS expands the Sentryum range