New containerised solution from Constant Power Services


Constant Power Services Ltd along with Riello UPS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), has launched its new containerised solution, MultiBox 252.

The MultiBox252 containerised solution from Constant Power Services provides critical systems with a site specific power solution. It can be easily deployed and installed wherever and whenever needed, with minimal impact on existing plant room and facilities.

One of the main reasons the MultiBox 252 solution was created was so that you no longer need dedicated space in your data centre facility or plant room for UPS. This allows for more of the building to be used for critical IT infrastructure. This is especially useful on brownfield sites where space may be limited.
Utilising Riellos Modular UPS products ensure that we meet Riello’s stringent requirements for eco-friendly power protection systems.

Containerised power solutions are available for hire to allow clients to perform their own onsite tests prior to purchase or provide clean, resilient power for a specific event or project.

To find out more about our Multibox 252 click here